Wise Woman

Wise WomanIt is not unusual to find ourselves experiencing profound growth or psychological change when we are far beyond adolescence – a change so dramatic we feel almost like a new person. Whether that change happens at 30 or 70, a Coming of Age Ceremony is appropriate to mark this life passage.

One example of this is the Croning or Wise Woman Ceremony for women of around 50. In ancient times, the mature woman or “crone” was revered as a community elder who embodied wisdom and knew the truth of cyclic existence. A Croning Ceremony acknowledges a woman’s age, wisdom, and power. Of course, there are Wise Man Ceremonies to honor men in our lives. All too often becoming old in our society is not dignified to the degree it could be. Ceremonies for our elders are a platform in which we can express our gratitude to them and to pass wisdom, traditions and love from one generation to the next.

All Coming of Age Ceremonies celebrate us as human beings at whatever stage of our lives we are in: Act I (youth), Act II (middle age), Act III (elders). Let us actively embrace our life experience. It is through ceremony we celebrate the art of life!