What is a Celebrant?

A Celebrant is a professional Life-Cycle ceremony officiant who
believes in the power and effectiveness of ceremony and ritual to serve
the basic and expanding needs of society and individuals.

They believe that ceremonies provide signposts for our lives.
Celebrating life’s milestones together honors our past, shapes our
present and molds our future. They collaborate with their clients to
create and perform personalized ceremonies that reflect the client’s
beliefs, philosophy of life, and personalities; not the Celebrant’s. We
can help guide you in choosing rituals, readings, symbols, and music to
fulfill your ideals and vision for any ceremony. No two ceremonies are
the same. Celebrants are ceremony specialists who have a solid
background in the history of ritual and ceremony and the traditions of
many cultures, beliefs, and religions. They are experts in composing
ceremonies, managing rehearsals, and performing life-cycle ceremonies.
Celebrants are also experienced in the art of ceremonial public

Celebrants officiate at virtually every life event including weddings,
commitment ceremonies, same sex marriages, civil unions, vow renewals,
child welcomings, and adoptions.

What is the Celebrant Foundation & Institute™?

The Celebrant Foundation and Institute™ is a non- profit educational
organization dedicated to training professional Celebrants to officiate
at personalized ceremonies marking the milestones and transitions in the
lives of individuals, couples, families and organizations such as
weddings, renewal of vows, commitments, coming of age, baby welcomings
and adoptions, survivor tributes, divorce, empty nest, graduations,
retirements, anniversaries, memorials, end of life celebrations, new
dwellings, civic and corporate events, and others – and any moment in
life that carries significant meaning to you.