Weave With Me

A poem written for Genevieve.

Weave with me
This brave new tapestry,
Weave the strands of glad boldness,
This easy courage, this joyful trust;
Weave, too, the warm yarns of tears and laughter,
And the fresh poignancies of new memories.

Weave the beat of my heart upon yours,
And my name said warm upon my neck,
And my lips upon your ear, yes;
Weave the unfolding passion.

Weave, too, the children, like ribbons they’ll dance;
And the firm cables of our friendships, bearing all.

Weave the browns and reds of earth,
The noble blue arch of sky,
The black dome of night
With stars’ fire spun from your eyes.

With me, spin time,
And make our own the rhythms
Of this great loom.

I yield me to the weaving,
And, so woven, become more.
How I love our kind and gentle hands,
Making real our good and honest hearts.

Weave with me
This brave new tapestry.