The Stone Wall

by Genevieve Munoz

Bowl of StonesThe Stone Wall finally spoke:
“I have feelings too, and they are real!”
Tears trickled down and stung the deep remaining cracks,
Infected with years of pain and sadness,
Trickling past pools of pus and mountains of scabs,
I let go…….I let go……
I let go of all that is unworkable in my life…..
I welcome: peace, love, joy, compassion, communication, fun, and creativity,
I attend the funeral of my past and say goodbye,
And am grateful for the lessons I have learned,
For I know now what I don’t want,
And carry those scars evermore,
I stand before myself, in transition-
Alone, scared, and naked,
Yet stronger,
For having had the courage
To choose a second chance to live,
I look down the menu of life and think….
What shall I have? What shall I order?
I am overwhelmed by the possibilities,
I think a moment
And choose something healthy,
Something that will nourish
The heart, the mind, the body and the soul,
I take a deep breath,
There is much more to my life,
Much more to learn,
Much more to live.