The Labyrinth

“There is nothing so wise as a circle.”
-Ranier Maria Rilke

Labyrinth WallLife gives us one path with many turns. Throughout my life I have been drawn to the simple beauty and power of labyrinths. They are a symbol for our ever turning, ever changing path of life. In addition to my work as a Life-Cycle Celebrant®, I am also a Labyrinth Facilitator through Veriditas, and give workshops, classes, and presentations about Labyrinths.

Click here to download a Labyrinth Handout with a Finger Labyrinth for your own meditation (PDF).

I offer my clients the opportunity to do a Labyrinth Walk in their ceremony as one of the many elements to choose from.

Walking a labyrinth can assist us in our life’s “Transformation Work” by:

  • Opening the Heart
  • Acting as a wonderful bereavement tool
  • Punctuating joy and celebration
  • Helping us on our transition journeys
  • Centering, grounding, and balancing energy
  • Allowing for the receiving of grief and pain, then allowing for its release
  • Connecting one to that which is greater than yourself
  • Giving creative insight to solve current problems
  • Reducing stress
  • Pulling you to a beautiful center that becomes the reflection of the hidden perfection underneath
  • Providing a space for personal practice of healing and hope
  • Becoming a tool for community building
  • Acting as an agent for global peace and a metaphor for life
  • Symbolizing the womb of the “Great Mother” – By walking its intricate folds we experience birth
  • Opening ourselves to greater possibilities as we exit the labyrinth
  • Providing a path of prayer
  • Suggesting a blueprint where psyche meets Spirit