New Women Vases and Single Breast Vase!

We are WOMEN, we are:  strong, beautiful, nurturing, juicy, intelligent, enduring, peaceful, loving, and wise.

Women Vases

Photo by Genevieve Munoz


I received a new batch of Woman Vases from my friend Dave Lynas in Duluth.  I now have large 10″ vases available, as well as a new 6″ Single Breast Vase that can be used for a Healing/Surviving gift or as one in a set of 5.

Women Vases  
Woman Vases
Photos by Genevieve Munoz

To see more images and learn about how to purchase a vase for yourself or someone you love, please visit my Gifts and Art page.

I also found a wonderful article recently about how women are learning to love their inner crone, by Barbara Hannah Grufferman that is worth reading!

Ceremonies can be a beautiful way to honor ourselves as women throughout our lives!

Whether you are maiden(virgin), mother, or crone – there is a ceremony awaiting you that can honor your story and celebrate the special woman that you are!