More Take What You Need

I recently shared my previous Take What You Need poster creation with colleagues at the Celebrant Foundation & Institute on a shared conference call.  My fellow Celebrant peers were thrilled with this idea, and we even brainstormed a bit on how this kind of poster could be a great marketing tool for Celebrants in their communities.

With a few tweaks and some graphic design by my virtual assistant, Scott Schumacher, we came up with a “New and Improved” Take What You Need Poster!

Keeping the original thought of simplicity, we added a photo of me and short description of “Your Community Celebrant” with a web link and brief description of what a Celebrant does.  We also added the CF&I Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant logo, and a QR Code (that square that looks like a computer chip schematic) in hopes of some added interactivity from folks with mobile phones.

If you aren’t familiar with QR Codes, here’s a link to help you!  On this poster, when a person with a QR reader application on their phone takes a photo of this square, they are forwarded directly to my website (a mobile version) to learn more!

Feel free to take this idea and modify it for your own use!  We all can stand to have more joy, love, understanding, peace, etc!

Click here to download the full poster (PDF).