Home Blessing

While the function of a home is to provide shelter, the emotional, financial and psychological aspects of being a home owner (or even renter) go far beyond that basic function. Your home is “sacred space” and we can offer the experience of a Home Blessing and other home-related ceremonies.

Some popular home ceremonies include:

  • New Home Blessing
  • Ground Breaking Ceremony
  • Empty Nest Ceremony
  • Home Recovery Ceremony – from natural disasters such as hurricanes, fires, flood
  • Home and Garden Ceremony
  • Seasonal Ceremonies

Also, and this can be quite painful, having to leave your home for various reasons. Therefore, having a ceremony saying goodbye to your home can be extremely valuable.  (Some reasons may include: going into assisted living, downsizing, losing your home to foreclosure etc.)

These ceremonies honor the home experience and help define what a dwelling means to us.  A home provides us with a foundation. Home ceremonies take place in many varieties, from formal to casual, inside or outside, within a single room or throughout the home, among close family members or an entire neighborhood, and sometimes in conjunction with a move-in or move-out.