A wonderful Pet Expo!

by Genevieve Munoz

We had a great great crowd for the First Annual Lakeside Pet Expo and Adoption Event! The theme was Health and Wellness, and there were about a dozen people or so who brought their dogs with them. It was so much fun to see humans and animals interact with each other!

I had a booth with information on Pet Memorials. My table was set up with prayer flags that hung up above, a spirit house, animal blessings strung along the front for children to add to, an album FILLED with wonderful information and photos, a singing bowl, books, paw print stamps, a charming dog hand puppet to talk with the children, and much more!

I was so honored by the people who stopped by to ask questions and tell me their stories of the pets they had had and lost; of their incredibly deep bonds and of the sorrow that still remained. Many had not heard about Pet Memorials in this area and were so glad to hear of someone who understood the meaning and importance of this ritual and ceremony. “If only I had known”, “that would have made things so much easier and meaningful for us as a family”, “you are providing a great service here”, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I found you”… and so on.

Why do we have Pet Memorials?

It is a time to gather and remember and pay tribute to our dear animal friends and the lives we shared with them, to joyfully acknowledge how they made our lives rich, our hearts full, and our smiles wide.

The essence of ceremony is that we share with others during any significant life transition. We stop and remove ourselves from the daily rhythm of our lives and invite our souls and hearts to partake of the richness that is available to us in ritual. We gather together to celebrate our animal’s lifetime, and we celebrate with others who understand. We open our hearts, our minds and our souls to this experience and express our joy for the gift of relationship we shared with our animal companion.