A Beautiful Labyrinth Society Gathering!

I wanted to take some time to share some of the great joy I still feel for being a part of the 2012 Annual Gathering of The Labyrinth Society!

This year’s international gathering was in Hudson, Wisconsin, and I was honored to have been selected to present a workshop entitled “Creating Ceremonies and Rituals on the Labyrinth.”

I so sincerely want to thank all of the wonderful folks I met at this event. I was able to bring my Dancing Woman™ Labyrinth and provide some experiential examples of a Divorce Ceremony and an Empty Nest Ceremony for participants.

I also traded one of my woman vases for a beautiful felted finger labyrinth! Other great memories include learning about the Myers-Briggs Inventory and how many of us were part of the “N Group” because of our intuitive nature! I was also thrilled to walk a completely KNITTED labyrinth! Amazing!

Below is a photo gallery of the event!