2012 Birth and Baby Fair Recap

The Bi-Annual Birth and Baby Fair, sponsored by Women Circling Women and Magic Box Photography took place on October 27, 2012 at the Copper Top church here in Duluth, MN and what a turn out!!

There were over 40 vendors and professionals from the area that folks could stop by to chat with and gather information. There were workshops and demonstrations that went on throughout the day: Infant massage, baby signing, information on doulas and breastfeeding and the importance of attachment with your new baby. I gave a 45 minute sample Blessing Way Circle ceremony for three beautiful women in various stages of pregnancy. Enjoy the photos and hear what they had to say! We are so fortunate, here in Duluth, to have such a large and caring family support network!

There are five stages to a Blessing Way ceremony:

  1. Beginning: Helps us establish the safe and special space that is needed to do the work of the ritual.
  2. Shifting: Moves us from individual consciousness into the realm of circle consciousness.
  3. Focusing: Centers our attention on the mother-to-be as we honor, pamper, and prepare her for her journey.
  4. Completing: Affirms our connection to the important work we have done during the ceremony as well as our connection with one another.
  5. Feasting: Brings the work of ritual into our everyday lives and helps us move from sacred space back to social space.

“Stretch marks adorn my swelling body
Like a lace gown leaving indelible marks
That foretell my life, for to mother is to stretch:
To free these nestlings from my flesh,
Stretch to feed them, to help them walk, to
Run and fly from my nest, where already
Their lives are being written on my flesh
In stretch marks that are, really,
Love lines on belly, soul, mind.”

Margaret Anne Huffman

Here’s what happened in our circle (see pictures below).  Photos courtesy of Magic Box Photography.



Some comments from attendees:
It was amazing how intimate and comfortable it seems we all felt even though we did not know one another well. I appreciate and respect your work and would be happy to recommend you to others. Thank you so much for holding that sacred space.  That was really a wonderful gateway for me to start the inward process of preparing for this birth.  My daughter LOVES the belly bread too!  🙂
LeeAnn M.

Thank you so much for hosting the Blessing Way. It was really nice. The circle ceremony was warm and loving and I felt very supported. It was nice to share nurturing moments with other pregnant women. I also like the mementos from the ceremony to bring to the birth… the rock and candle…
Thanks for the gift bag too.


This was my first experience of a Blessing Way Circle Ceremony. I loved it. I am grateful for the opportunity to spiritually connect with other women as we prepare to welcome our babies into the world. It felt safe, intimate, and emotional. I would recommend it to all pregnant women. Thank you, Genevieve!
The photos are beautiful. Be well.